Why Redefined Scents Are Just as Good as the Originals

Why Redefined Scents Are Just as Good as the Originals

At itscalled, we believe fragrance is a personal expression, not a status symbol. That's why we offer high-quality, redefined fragrances at an accessible price point.

Demystifying the Magic: Quality Ingredients from the Cradle of Perfume

The world's most renowned perfumes are born in Grasse, France, a region steeped in fragrance history. Here, at itscalled, we source our exquisite scents from Parfex, a renowned fragrance house located in Grasse. Parfex boasts over 35 years of expertise in crafting captivating scents, leveraging the natural raw materials of the region (https://www.parfex.com/). Their commitment to quality and creativity aligns perfectly with our own.

The Truth Behind the Price Tag: It's All About the Brand Name

Many people believe that celebrity-endorsed fragrances or luxury brands inherently offer a superior product. But the truth is, the cost of the raw materials that make up a perfume is relatively consistent across the board. What you're often paying extra for is the brand name, the marketing campaign, and the fancy packaging.

The Secret of the Industry: White Label Fragrances

Here's a little-known fact: many well-known fragrance brands don't even manufacture their own scents! They source them from specialized fragrance houses like Firmenich, who create a fragrance and then sell it to multiple brands. So, you might be surprised to learn that the high-end perfume you spritzed on this morning could share the same core fragrance as our inspired version.

At itscalled, we believe that fragrance is an art form, and everyone should have the opportunity to experience the joy of olfactory expression. That's why we offer high-fidelity fragrances crafted with the finest ingredients, without the luxury markup.
We invite you to explore our collections and discover your new signature scent.

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