At itscalled, our vision is to bridge the world of fragrances, seamlessly merging the diverse beauty of globally sourced raw materials with the unique essence of South African craftsmanship. 

We strive to redefine the way scents are experienced, working with our perfumery to create olfactory masterpieces that reflect a harmonious union of diverse inspiration. Our perfumer’s commitment is to continuously innovate, crafting fragrances that not only captivate the senses but also resonate with the heart and soul. 

With a harmonious blend of international inspiration and local ingenuity, we envision a fragrant journey that transcends boundaries, leaving an indelible mark on the world of perfumery. 

Welcome to a vision where every scent is a masterpiece, and every bottle encapsulates the spirit of itscalled.

Fragrance Redefined.


itscalled is more than just fragrances; it's an ecosystem curated to fulfil all your scent desires. With carefully selected options for men and women, we've tailored a collection that aligns perfectly with various occasions and weather/seasons.

You can rely on itscalled to have the ideal fragrance for any moment, ensuring you're always ready with the perfect scent.

In essence, all you need is itscalled.


Our fragrance is expertly mixed in an eau de parfum concentration, offering a comfortable 6-8 hour wear. Our scents linger beautifully, accompanying you through the day and night, ensuring you carry the essence of perfection wherever life takes you.

With itscalled, experience the enduring allure of a fragrance that's as long-lasting as it is captivating.